Jeulia Canvas Tote Bag with Dark Brown Handles Beach Bag

RM 525.00
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Product Descriptions
Item#: JEAW0054

We can’t resist a tote bag that perfectly combines form and function, so it’s no surprise we’ve been daydreaming about this bag from Jeulia. As modern, on-the-go women we need a bag that not only offers that stylish, designer look we love but is functional, too. We need it to be lightweight, comfortable, and have all the pocket storage space that helps keep us organized whether we’re going to work, attending party, hitting the gym, or taking a trip. It is also a gift for wife, mother, sister and girl.

Basic Information
Weight: 950 g
Width (cm): 15 cm
Height (cm): 31
Interior Material:
BagType: Handbag & Crossbody bag & Shoulder bag
Bag Length: 37 cm