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Jeulia Hug Me "Talent Digger" Groundhog Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring

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Product Descriptions
Item#: JECH0016

Groundhogs are extremely intelligent, not only in the aspect of digging holes, but also in forming complex social networks. Considered to be habitat engineers, they can work in teams to solve difficult tasks together, like burrowing. Jeulia designers put a cute yellow hat on its head to add a funny and lovely look to this ring. Made in sterling silver, the ring is designed in two tones, with the groundhog's body in rose gold. Your will discover more adorable pieces in our Hug Me® collection.

Primary Stone
Carat Weight: 2.65 ct
Stone Size: 7 mm
Stone Type: Jeulia® Stone
Number of Stones: 1
Stone Shape: Round
Stone Color: Diamond White
Side Stone
Carat Weight: 0.3 ct
Stone Size: 0.8 mm
Stone Type: Jeulia® Stone
Number of Stones: 2
Stone Shape: Round
Stone Color: Fancy Black
Basic Information
Weight: 4.6 g
Material: 925 Silver
Plating Color: Silver, Rose Gold